Koenigsegg has a unique new, fastest-spinning production engine in the world

From idle to the limiter, the new engine spins in just 230 milliseconds. No wonder the carmaker calls it the fastest in the world.

If something is characteristic of the Swedish carmaker Koenigsegg, then it is her effort to push the limits. Usually we talk mainly about the limits in the field of performance, aerodynamics, dynamics, etc., but the carmaker is trying to achieve interesting breakthroughs in the field of technology. And she’s obviously doing well.

Christian Koenigsegg, the company’s founder, boasted in a recently released video that the new Koenigsegg Jesko is equipped with the world’s fastest-spinning production engine. He substantiated his claim in a video with a small sample and also added an explanation of how this is possible.

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The basis of the Jesko model is a significantly redesigned V8 engine, which the company has used in a number of previous models. This time, however, the engine was developed together with a new light gearbox, which lacks the classic flywheel or clutch between the gearbox and the engine.

Instead, each transmission has its own clutch, which is about the size of a hockey puck, which means that the drive system should have a much lower inertia. In combination with the lightening of the engine itself, its appetite for speed has increased significantly.

This is what Christian Koenigsegg shows in practice, when he sits down in the Jesko model, lets the speed idle and steps on the throttle a few times. A laptop is connected to the car’s control unit, which monitors its reactions. And the result?

With the throttle fully depressed, the engine spun from 500 idle to the limiter at 7800 rpm (neutral limiter) in just 230 milliseconds. When driving with the gear engaged, the limiter is then shifted to 8500 rpm, but the difference in milliseconds will probably not be so significant. If the motor did not have a limiter, the speed would reach approx. 31,000 min in just one second-1.

No wonder, then, that Christian Keonigsegg and his team of technicians are convinced that the new Jesko model is equipped with the most responsive and fastest-spinning engine in the world. However, it meets the emission limits and is not limited to circuit operation.


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