KNVB gives amateur football clarity on Wednesday about resumption | Football

sport">“In the run-up to the press conference, we were already working on all possible scenarios, we will provide concrete information about the continuation of the season on Wednesday morning,” says Jan Dirk van der Zee, director of amateur football at the KNVB.

sport">In the so-called B-category, recreational football, matches are already scheduled for next weekend. It is not yet clear whether they will continue. The KNVB wants to give all teams the time to prepare well for the resumption of the season, also to prevent injuries. Since Saturday 15 January, all amateur athletes can train and play matches without restrictions. The resumption of the so-called A category, for, among other things, the first teams that play in the Second Division up to and including the fifth division, is in principle planned for the beginning of next month.

sport">“After two interrupted seasons, I am genuinely relieved that we can resume the competitions, because the competition is the lifeblood for amateur football,” said Van der Zee. “With 2900 associations and 1.2 million members, amateur football is the largest physical social network in the Netherlands and association life is starting again with this step. It contributes significantly to the physical and mental health of a large group of people.”

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