Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris in 2016: twelve people sent back to the assizes

Five years after the resounding robbery in Paris of the American star Kim Kardashian, two investigating judges ordered Friday, November 19, the referral to the assizes of twelve people.

Loot of over $ 6 million

According to a statement from a source familiar with the matter to AFP, twelve people will be tried in particular for “theft with a weapon committed in an organized gang”, “kidnapping and forcible confinement” or criminal “criminal association”, most often in recidivism.

On the night of October 2 to 3, 2016, Kim Kardashian, then aged 36, was held up by several men, some dressed as police officers, in a discreet luxury hotel residence in Paris, where she had come to attend the Fashion Week.

Two thieves threatened her with a gun to her temple, before tying her up, gagging her and locking her up.

The robbers had taken several diamond and gold jewelry, including an 18.88-carat stone. ” Only certain jewels, lost by the criminals in their flight, were found », Note the judges. Investigators believe that the rest was sold mainly in Belgium.

An old-fashioned heist

According to the statements of the American star, the thieves had a strong French accent. The police describe the group as an old-fashioned gang of thugs. They are suspected of having carried out the biggest robbery to the detriment of an individual in the last twenty years in France.

At the end of five years of investigation, the two investigating judges followed the requests for dismissal from the Paris prosecutor’s office, taken in June 2020.

Ten suspected members of the gang are sent back to the assizes for the robbery or kidnapping. An eleventh is fired only for another criminal project that the judges suspected part of the gang was working on after the one targeting Ms Kardashian. A twelfth will appear for a related offense.

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