“Kelbet” analysis: Dresden and HSV polarize on Twitter

Hamburg (dpa) – German football fans let their emotions run free on social media and write comments with criticism and insults. This is the result of an analysis published on Thursday by the Kelbet information platform, which analyzed around 316,000 tweets in which the 18 second division teams were mentioned. Dynamo Dresden polarized the most (6.6 percent of all tweets contain a swear word), followed by Hamburger SV (6.0), 1. FC Nürnberg (5.9), Werder Bremen (5.4) and Schalke 04 ( 5.1).

Unlike city rivals HSV, Twitter users are more positive about FC St. Pauli: Only 2.9 percent of all tweets about the neighborhood club contain an insult. Neighbor Holstein Kiel (2.5) does even better. SV Sandhausen is treated the most peacefully on Twitter: The team, which only just managed to stay in the class last season and is once again in the relegation battle, is at the bottom of the ranking with its 1.9 percent rate.

According to “Kelbet”, “bad” (28.7) is the most popular word for the appendix to let negative emotions run free. The term “ass” (8.4) follows before “bug” (7.9) and “monkey” (6.9). Clubs are also often accused of being “stupid” (6.7) and “shitty” (3.8).

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