Kavya Madhavan: Kavya Madhavan is best friend, Dileep is eight, Suja Karthika says it will always be so! – old actress suja karthika says about kavya madhavan and dileep

Kavya Madhavan is one of the actors who came into cinema as a child actress and later became a heroine. The actress is married to Dileep, the hero of her first film. They have had to overcome severe crises in their chemistry life on screen and repeatedly in life. Things happened in her life that surpassed the movie scene. They were accompanied by strong support not only from friends and family but also from fans.

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Suja Karthika is one of Kavya Madhavan’s close friends. The actress says she was with her during the crisis. Suja Karthika had said that we all call her Meenu. Suja Karthika became vocal about Kavya Madhavan during an interview with Behind the Woods. Dileep It’s like eight. The actor says that it will be the same then and now.

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Suja Karthika played Dileep’s sister on the runway where Kavya Madhavan and Dileep were the heroines. Meanwhile, there have been rumors that the second part of the film directed by Joshi is being prepared. Suja Karthika says that when Valayar Paramasivam returned, many people asked her if she would act in the film. The actor told fans that his return to cinema was not yet planned.


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