Kaia Gerber strides the red carpet in a Celine gown. Perfect for her famous mom, not for her

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Kaia Gerber remarkably resembles a famous mother. Cindy Crawford in the last century, she became one of the most famous models in the world. Does her daughter have a chance to repeat her mother’s success? Gerber draws attention with its beauty, it is also distinguished by an unusual style. She looked very mature in a classic dress with an interesting twist.

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Kaia Gerber in classic styling

Kaia Gerber is almost 21 years old, but has already gained a lot of experience in modeling. Daughter Cindy Crawford she posed in front of the camera lens as a teenager. Apparently, however, a great career is still ahead of her. The model looks more and more like a well-known mother from year to year. In addition, it is distinguished by styles, which are most often based on simple cuts and classic color combinations.

Kaia Gerber at the opening of the LA Arts ShowKaia Gerber at the opening of the LA Arts Show East News

Recently, Kaia Gerber appeared at the LA Art Show Opening Night. Her styling drew attention. The model appeared on the red carpet in a French dress home fashion Celine. Black A button-up dress with a white retro collar is an outfit that requires an appropriate frame. The evening character of modest styling was added by shimmering sequins covering the entire dress.

kaia gerberKaia Gerber naked. Cindy Crawford’s daughter decided to take a bold photo for her 19th birthday

Wosy arranged in smooth waves, the model brushed to the side. Such a haircut made the star look like from the golden age of Hollywood. An interesting break with the styling convention was the selection of modern stripe sandals.

How do you like the Gerber styling? Do you see the resemblance to mom?

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