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> LIGHTSUM, track list open ..’ALIVE’ →’Bye Bye Love’ 5 songs in total ‘4th generation hot looky’ group LIGHTSUM track list has been released. The track list image of the first mini album “Into The Light” was uploaded to the official SNS channel of LIGHTSUM at midnight on the 13th. A total of 5 songs including ALIVE’,’ i’,’ GOOD NEWS’,’ Q’, and’Bye Bye Love’ are recorded to give you a variety of charms. Expected to show. LIGHTSUM, which announced the comeback by surprisedly releasing the artwork of this new report earlier, showed off various teasing contents in order, raising the expectations of global fans to the climax. LIGHTSUM, which made its first step in the song world with its debut single’Vanilla’last year, received the enthusiastic interest and love of K-POP fans at home and abroad. LIGHTSUM, who showed a further upgrade with the title song “VIVACE”, gathered expectations for what kind of stage and music will be performed on the first mini album “Into The Light”. There is. Meanwhile, LIGHTSUM’s first mini-album “Into The Light” will be released at 6 pm on the 24th. Kim Soo Jin reporter rookie group LIGHTSUM (Rysum Sang A, Meadow, Na Young, Hina, Ju Hyun, Yu Jung, Hoi Young, Jiang) has released a track list. On the 13th midnight LIGHTSUM’s official SNS channel, the first mini album Into Th

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