Juve-Napoli could be decided at the table!

During transmission Maracanabroadcast as usual on TMW Radiointervened Mario Sconcerti. The journalist, among other things, said about him on the hottest topic of the day today: the deferral to the detriment of De Laurentiis.

Sconcerti Juve Napoli

A punishment related to forty not respected by three players Neapolitan on the occasion of the last Juve-Napoli. The match ended 1-1. Now, according to the well-known journalist, the Azzurri risk losing the match at the table; these are his words:

“This is an unpleasant episode, the match was falsified. If there were three players unable to take the field, you can go to the 3-0 at the table. For Napoli it would mean one point less in the standings: a not insignificant penalty at this point in the tournament “.

Pierfrancesco Vecchiotti

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