Juve, Allegri: ‘Talking about the Scudetto is meaningless for us now. Peaceful Dybala. Ramsey out, the Milan model … ‘| First page

On the eve of the super-challenge with Milan these are the words of Max Allegri at the press conference.

MOMENT – “We are having a good time, but the path is still long, we are still behind in the standings. It will be a great match, we are sorry to have to play it with only 5 thousand spectators, but it is still Juventus-Milan”

BERNARDESCHI – “We still have to train and I have to evaluate. They are all fine apart from Bonucci and Ramsey, who is negative but is leaving. After training I will understand what training to do”

AIMS – “We don’t go that far with things, in the meantime we try to make a good result tomorrow against a Milan that has been doing very well in the last year and a half. Congratulations to Pioli, he is fighting for the Scudetto. We must remain attached,” arriving at the end of February in the best conditions. If we talked about the Scudetto we would talk about things that don’t make sense at the moment. “

DIRECT FIGHT – “It’s not a question of winning against one of the top four, it’s a question of winning because it’s an important match. Let’s hope tomorrow will be the first time.”

DYBALA – “Paulo is physically better, he is growing, he is very calm. This helps him because he is freer in playing, he has less responsibility on him, I am very happy with what he is doing. I think he will give us a lot from now to the end of the season”

KEAN – “I’m happy with what Moise is doing, he has scored important goals. He has alternated good performances with others that are not so good, let’s not forget that he is a boy of 2000”

ARTHUR – “Transfer market? The squad is this and it will remain this. Let’s not forget that Arthur had been inactive for six months, he needed to find continuity. The player Arthur is not in dispute, he is a starting player for Brazil even if he is not called up”

RECONSTRUCTION – “Milan model? They worked well, they did things in an orderly way. They chose good players and games are won like this. They took no responsibility for what they were wearing, charge Milan, and now they are there. Juve came from 9 unrepeatable years for a football club in Italy. They still won two trophies and went to the Champions League. This year, without Ronaldo, more space for others, and we played games, like in Rome, with 6 players dancing among the 20 and 23 years. 60% of a team, that’s no small thing. It is not being better, but experience. The best only by playing, by playing games, on this I would say that they have improved a lot. We did the match against Udinese. with maturity, waiting, taken a step forward “.

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