Jusuf Hamka’s Company Reports on Police Investigate Embezzlement

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Alleged case embezzlement reported by PT Citra Marga Lintas Jabar (CLMJ) in Polda Metro Jaya is currently in the investigation stage.

Entrepreneur Jusuf Hamka is known to be the president director of PT CLMJ. He previously admitted that he was blackmailed by one of the private Islamic banks in Indonesia.

The report is registered with the number LP/2100/IV/YAN.2.5./SPKT PMJ dated April 20, 2021. The articles reported are Article 374 of the Criminal Code and or Article 374 of the Criminal Code.

“An investigation has been carried out,” said the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus when confirmed, Tuesday (27/7).

From the information gathered, the warrants for the commencement of investigations (SPDP) were issued on June 18 and July 16.

Although it has entered the investigation stage, Yusri said that no party has been named as a suspect in the case.

Yusri said that investigators from the Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya were still asking for information from a number of parties to investigate this case.

Investigators are known to have called someone named Slamet Sulistiono who is an employee of the Central Java Bank Syariah Business Unit (UUS). The summons was made on July 22 last.

“There is no suspect yet, but an investigation has been carried out. Later we will examine everything, then we will determine who the suspect is,” said Yusri.

Previously, Jusuf Hamka apologized for admitting he was blackmailed by a private Islamic bank in Indonesia. He admitted that he did not mean to accuse or discredit Islamic banking.

Jusuf explained that the actual problems were not related to the Islamic banking system and banking, but the customer’s relationship with the bank.

He said that there was a negotiation process in the settlement of financing obligations that had not yet obtained an agreement between his party and the Islamic bank syndicate.

“The problem concerns the accelerated repayment of syndicated financing from Islamic banks, where there is a perception and difference in the calculation of the repayment obligation between our calculations and those of the syndicated bank,” he explained in an official statement.

According to the owner of PT Citra Marga Nusaphala Persada Tbk (CMNP), the company and the sharia bank syndicate have held several meetings. However, there are still things that have not reached an agreement from both parties

It is known that the syndicated financing was disbursed by a syndicate of seven sharia banks to PT Citra Marga Lintas Jabar (CMLJ), which is a subsidiary of CMNP in 2016.

CMLJ obtained a syndicated financing facility worth IDR 834 billion, with an al murabahah financing agreement or a sale and purchase financing agreement with an indication of yield/margin equivalent to 11 percent, a tenor of 14 years (168 months), for the Soreang – Pasirkoja Bandung (Soroja) toll road construction project.


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