Journalist for a day. Place Stanislas de Nancy voted Favorite monument of the French!

The square has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. Unesco or Onuesc in French, used more rarely, means the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The purpose of registration is to have the most visibility and to be globally recognized and respected. On average, there are over a million people who visit it each year. Place Stanislas was crowned “favorite monument of the French” in Stéphane Bern’s program. There are 42 exceptional sites that were competing for the title. Place Stanislas succeeds the citadel and the sacred lion of Belfort in 2020.

Place Stan was previously a large parking lot until 1983, when parking in the square was prohibited. Work amounting to 8 million euros has been undertaken, with the renovation of the facades, the lighting, and the repair of the gates that surround it. The gates and fountains of the square were classified as a historical monument in July 1886. In 2005, for the 250th anniversary of its creation and after two years of work, the “royal” square returned to its original configuration. It is also on this date that the square becomes pedestrianized again.

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For the anecdote, a time capsule intended for future generations was buried under the square on April 10, 2005. Its position is indicated by a star engraved on a paving stone facing the statue of Stanislas. The lead box contains a lunar meteorite, the city’s Golden Book, a document containing the thoughts, maxims and drawings of Nancy residents collected over a year as well as a special edition of the newspaper “L’Est Républicain”. Another anecdote: Stanislas would symbolically point his finger at the effigy of his son-in-law, Louis XV, King of France, represented in a medallion, just in front of the statue.

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