Jokowi ignores ultimatum, BEM SI demos in front of KPK today

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

All Indonesia Student Executive Board Alliance (WELL YOU) plans to hold a demonstration at the Red and White Building of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Monday (27/9). Demonstrations were held in order to resist the dismissal of employees NCP who did not pass the national insight test (TWK).

The demonstration itself was held after three days of an ultimatum against Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to intervene to show that the KPK employees have passed the deadline.

“The All-Indonesian BEM Alliance with the Save the KPK Movement has moved again to follow up on the ultimatum to Jokowi, which has passed 3×24 hours from the ultimatum being sent, it seems that there is no response from President Jokowi to show his side with 57 KPK employees with integrity,” said the statement from the BEM SI Alliance which received Sunday (26/9).

In the statement, BEM SI 2021 Media Coordinator Muhammad Rais stated that his party now sees the KPK as no longer an anti -corruption agency, but as if it has transferred its function to the Corruption Protection Commission.

“How not? Honest officials have been ousted by the existence of TWK under the pretext of national vision until the alleged slander of the Taliban arises without any reason,” he said. “Indonesia is not doing well, this is not the reform we want.”

As scheduled, BEM SI with the Save the KPK Movement also invited all students in Indonesia and all elements of society to take part in the National Action, one of which was centered in front of the Red and White Building which is the headquarters of the anti-corruption agency, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Monday afternoon.

The student action in front of the KPK headquarters this time was not only dominated by BEM from campuses throughout Jabodetabek, it was recorded that groups from Yogyakarta and Solo also came to Jakarta to be involved in the action.

A group of students from Yogyakarta State University (UNY), Sebelas Maret University (UNS) and STIKES Surya Global Yogyakarta (SSG) departed on Sunday (26/9) by bus. They chartered the bus using the funds collected by a joint venture between students.

“This (the group) of UNY departed with SSG and UNS. 86 people took the bus (to Jakarta),” said Chairman of the UNY BEM, Mutawakkil Hidayatullah when contacted, Sunday afternoon.

“We didn’t stay overnight, just stopped for a while at UNJ (Jakarta State University) to prepare for the action. After the action was over, we immediately returned,” he explained.

The action, he said, was a form of joint solidarity carried out together with BEM SI and the Movement to Save the KPK (GASAK).

It is known that the BEM SI Alliance and the Save the KPK Movement have written to Jokowi about the KPK TWK. They gave Jokowi 3×24 hours to appoint 57 KPK employees who were declared not to have passed the TWK. If Jokowi does not budge, students intend to take to the streets.

The BEM SI Center Coordinator, Nofrian Fadil Akbar said the action would be held peacefully and in compliance with the Covid-19 health protocol. Therefore, he asked the police not to hinder the action under the pretext of a pandemic.

“We have still communicated to several police parties. We are just communicating that the level of conditions in Jakarta has also dropped, we want the peaceful action to convey substance,” said Nofrian.

Previously, when entertaining a number of editor-in-chief of the mass media at the palace on September 15, Jokowi explained the reason he did not comment much on the fate of 57 KPK employees who were dismissed for failing to TWK. Jokowi explained that the authority to answer the question was the supervisory official, in this case the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Kemenpan-RB).

“Don’t take anything to the President. This is a constitutional courtesy. I have to respect the ongoing legal process,” he said at the time.


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