World John Lawrence release to the presidents of the National...

John Lawrence release to the presidents of the National Radio and the post office


Segundo to a press release issued by the Civil House of the President of the Republic of Angola, João Lourenço, “today signed a decree on the recall of all the entities that are part of the Board of Directors of the National Radio of Angola, including the president of the organisation, as well as Mark Anthony Through Willis.

For the place, the angolan head of State appointed mr Pedro Afonso Cabral.

Paula Marina Valerio Garlic Simon, executive director for the The area the Content has been replaced by the Stanislaus Baptista, Garcia, while the office of the executive director for Finance and Administration went on the Assumption that Joseph, Adam, da Silva, Cristina da Costa, Noble.

Hamilton Fernandes on Sunday, is the new executive director for the The area the technique, replacing the Boardndido Gomes da Rocha Pinto, who, while António Sebastião Lino, taking the position of executive director for the The area Marketing Switchâthe exchangeuntil now, owned by the Círia Angelina Castro Monteiro Cassoma.

The non-executive directors Alexander Smith, the African-Neto, and Paulo Julião Muacavula they are replaced by José Fernandes Coelho da Cruz Neto and Aguinaldo Jose Lino Cahilo.

The board of Directors of the Company, the National Postal Service of the country the president, Maria Luisa Alves Andrade, has been released, and is replaced by Walter Alexander Pereira Teixeira.

May be dismissed from the board of directors of the post office of Angola, were also the directors Denilson da Fonseca, of the Collar D Mixed martial arts the Rock-Guimarães, and the Aura of the “Annunciation” Smith, Simon carpenter, and Experiment F. Muteca Finally.

The angolan President appointed Denílson da Fonseca Costa, Manuel, Peter, Quizembo, Veronica Evelise de Carvalho, Grandson of the Shore, and Retrieved Maria, Antonio, Francisco and Alexandra, to the places left vacant by the resignation of the other members.

The board of directors of the APR the disturbed cover of four positions, including the chief executive officer for the The area of Contents (Neto de Almeida Júnior Gaspar replaces Paul Julian Muacavula), the chief executive officer for the The area Marketing Switchâthe exchange Ana Edite Pinto, Ferreira, Ribeira replaces Ana Maria de Lemos Rodrigues de Gouveia), a non-executive director to the The area Art (Charles Albert Thomas da Silva Guimaraes to replace Manuel Florindo Rosa dos Santos, and the chief executive officer Ana Maria de Lemos Rodrigues de Gouveia, to the place till now occupied by mr. Joseph Grace Mendes).

In Angola Telecomthe President of the Republic resigned and the directors Michael Tandawembo Rodrigues Cazevo and Anthony Sercal named Bernardo da Silva, to the position of executive director for the The area Sales and Marketing, and Anthony Rodrigues, João de Mascarenhas, to the position of executive director for the The area the Logistics and Management of the Infrastructure.

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