Joan Mir about her touch with Marc Marquez


A minor incident involved Joan Mir with Marc Marquez of MotoGP Portugal. Mir admitted that he had to be aggressive because he started from behind.

World champion MotoGP 2020 started the race at Portimao from ninth position, while Marquez was three grids ahead of him. After the green light flashed, the two riders made contact at Turn 11 in the first lap as Mir maneuvered his way to third.

The rubbing occurred again, this time at Turn 3, the next round. Marquez butts the back of the bike Joan Mir, but fortunately both riders can still control their mounts.

This incident occurred after Mir went berserk because he was taped tightly Marquez at the qualifying session. The Suzuki racer said Marquez’s tactics were dangerous.

In the process, Mir managed to get to the third podium in the Portuguese MotoGP with a difference of almost five seconds from Fabio Quartararo, the winner. Marquez marked his comeback after nearly a year on the sidelines by finishing seventh.

“In the first rounds, it is true we had a moment there [di Tikungan 11], “Mir said to Motorsport. “I wanted to overtake and then he closed his lane and then it was too late for me. Then we bumped into each other.”

“It’s true that I felt a nudge in the next round and I didn’t know it was Marc. So now I know that Marc did it.”

“To start in ninth position means this [salipan terjadi]. If I can’t create the lap times in qualifying, I’ll have to make these starts. Yes, this is it. If we want to fight for the world title and we don’t [start] in the first row then we have to be aggressive. I prefer to start at the forefront, “he concluded Joan Mir related to the incident with Marc Marquez.

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