“Jimmy’s Hall” by Ken Loach, this Wednesday evening, on Arte

With Jimmy’s Hall, we escape this social brutality of today that the committed Ken Loach portrays and which twists the guts (Sorry We Missed You Where I, Daniel Blake, his last two films). The director, inspired by a true story, takes us there in the chronological continuation of The wind picks up, which earned him the Palme d’Or at Cannes. He delivers an invigorating pamphlet in the face of divisions in society.

A divided Ireland

It is 1932, the agitator James Gralton (excellent Barry Ward) returns to the country after ten years of forced exile in New York. He finds a divided Ireland, riddled with inequalities, corseted by an all-powerful Catholic Church, uncompromising and in collusion with the powerful – ah, that Father Sheridan (Jim Norton in his splendor) whom we love to hate!

Historical and terribly current

Labeled communist, Gralton relaunches a cultural home for all, a haven of freedoms « where youth is degraded, ”says the man of faith. Drawing, literature, sport, music, and dance… the subversive cocktail awakens the old demons of civil war who haunt the country. Historic, and terribly current.

Art, 20 h 55.


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