Jeroen Rietbergen left for abroad after scandal The Voice of Holland


The ground is getting too hot in the Netherlands under the feet of Jeroen Rietbergen, Linda de Mol’s ex-boyfriend, who was one of the main characters in BnnVara’s Boos documentary about The Voice yesterday.

On Friday, the band leader of The Voice of Holland was spotted by other travelers and photographed at Schiphol, where he took a transatlantic flight. In the meantime, Rietbergen’s flight data also found their way to the internet. Society is now investigating how that could have happened.

“At KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, we value our customers and understand the importance of protecting their personal data. We take this security incident very seriously and have taken internal measures to investigate and address the matter. We deeply regret that this incident took place,” KLM responded to a Tweet by journalist Martijn Mastenbroek, who wondered how it is possible that flight data could just be made public.

Jeroen has not been seen since the riot around him, Ali B and Marco Borsato. He probably spent all those days with family in Zeeland. He had reportedly left Linda’s villa before the weekend.

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Rietbergen only commented on the affair on Saturday. Through his ‘spokesperson’ and lawyer Peter Plasman, he then expressed regret and told The Voice to leave his work. On Thursday, John de Mol told that Rietbergen had already received a warning in 2019, but had not been fired at the time.

Rietbergen wanted to leave it at his earlier statement on Thursday and seems to intend to remain silent, now that he will set foot on American soil Friday afternoon local time.

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