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Javier Lemus: “we Want to innovate, but don’t leave us” | Radio Club Tenerife | Today


Javier González Lemus, director of the murga that defend crown, inaugurated this series of interviews to directors and lyricists of the Carnival of Santa Cruz. The head of Zeta Zetas regrets that the foundation and the organization put limits to the imagination and talent of the groups that seek to innovate year after year and are “with hit and more hit”. Last year he announced that maybe it was for Lemus the last to the front row and his statements caused a stir inside and outside of your murga-, so this time prefer not to tell anything about their intentions for the future. According to him, the triumph in the tv format ‘Got Talent’ was the definitive accolade that encouraged him to continue.

Do you feel favorite for being the current defenders of the scepter?

No, the one who thinks that is a favorite of many even just without end. It is clear that we four years in the ointment and peleándonos with Onesies for the first awards, but that’s not why we consider ourselves favorites. That ganases in 2019 does not mean you will win in 2020. In addition, until two months ago many of us gave up for dead. Do you favorite? For nothing.

Why dead? Why?

By the changes that have occurred in the murga and the low of some components. Also by the arrival of some new ones, among them the music director. It is true that many came to doubt, and what reached our ears is that you no longer trust that we can be well. It is true that some months ago our situation was complicated but we have made sure the double that of other years to be good.

What has meaning for Zeta Zetas the signing of Richard Casanova?

Now, that is a ten. Has been the signing perfect. We have reached a point where we understand each other perfectly. We know, we’re taking advantage of all his talent and has been paired already to the characteristics and profile of the group. It is true that in the first song it was hard to adjust. Maybe that’s why it is that one of the issues is going to sound different to the other three.

How is it conceived its signing?

When Pablito [Pablo Moreno] we reported that we left, we were clear that we had to find a signing out. And that we had people in the murga who knew how to ride and that, in fact, rode children, and even adults. But we needed someone to give us a plus, and that was Richard. Also because I was not going to be able to get involved so many hours for work issues.

How do you carry your musical director is the brother of the head of his great rival for the First Interpretation in recent years of the contest (Xerach Casanova, Onesies)?

Never has meant any problem. I don’t think of people as ‘brother’, or anything like that.

Will you continue in the same line as in previous years?

In terms of repertoire, the same. A little mosqueados because things happen that don’t then you can shape above the stage. By the measures of the scenario, for the basics… but in any case our style is to reinvent ourselves again and again. Now, maybe we’ll have this time the feeling that we have come to a full stop. Can’t we innovate more… because they won’t let us.

Who do you see as rivals?

Because I don’t know. Everyone finds my songs, but I do not the songs of others. So I wouldn’t know what to tell you. But Bambones, Onesies and Devils are the most sound in the pools previous. And Trabachones I know that they come with fresh ideas, the Trapaseros are eager to move to the end and make good paper, as well as Triquikonas, they will want to assert his progression… So the contest of street musicians can be more open than ever.

Do I understand that you have been bothered that many murgueros already know what you are going to sing Zeta Zetas?

Of course that bothers me. To any director or lyricist, it stings. But there are always four or five prying in all the street musicians that don’t seem to care for the collective good. I don’t understand how they don’t guard the secret, that is the nice thing. It is not normal that the people already know what you’re going to sing. And how even this year, there has been the circumstance that there are street musicians that changed chunks of lyrics because they find out that they are going to appoint.

Last year I said that maybe it would not continue to the front of the murga, which was not clear… and the uproar that ensued was tremendous. Was there a before and after for Zeta Zetas after his triumph of television at the national level?

That had a lot of impact that interview, I can assure you, because I never stopped receiving messages. This time I prefer not to say anything. And on ‘Got Talent’, it is clear that yes. It was what drove me to continue, the accolade definitive; it was what motivated to continue pulling the cart. But there is a wear and tear and that the office of a director is conducive to such a fatigue is natural. It is not easy to be here year after year, but we do it with all the enthusiasm and with the aim of like.


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