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James today: controversy in Real Madrid not to let him go to Atletico Madrid 2020 | rumors of signings | League of Spain


James Rodriguez broke the silence and spoke with on your current, replacement and on the market, which had after leaving Bayern Munich, the club that also explained his departure.

The colombian left several important details after the rumors that linked up last season. He spoke of countries in specific, although not mentioned the name of the teams. By information of the press at that time, the colombian searched from Atletico Madrid and Napoli.

“There was a proposal that was very good Spanish team, I would not say the name of the team, that Real Madrid rejected. I really wanted the people of Madrid stay with the image that I left before I went to Bayern, because I knew from the beginning of the season that my role in Madrid was not going to be leading. In the first practice in August I left out, in the tactical work, I felt uncomfortable because I had never experienced that. I started the pre-season with Madrid without wanting to, because I thought that was closed before this operation with the other Spanish club. Sincerely to the club that he wanted to go, would not let me. Want me to go to another team,” he began saying.

On the other hand, he also spoke of his exit from Bayern Munich and it was explained that the club, bavarian-yes I wanted to exercise the purchase option, but the attacker colombian asked not to do so.

“I will be eternally grateful to Bayern and especially to Jupp Heynckes that he pulled out of me an incredible level. Bayern Munich is a club top, but the one who does not want to go I was. They wanted to make use of the option of purchase, but I spoke with a leader to not do so because I was not feeling comfortable and was not happy. When that happens in your life you have to make decisions, they understood perfectly. In that moment my decision was that, and I don’t regret it,” said James Rodriguez.

In addition, the attacker confirmed that from Italy I looked for him but he felt that the offer was not good enough to go to the club Series A. Also, James admitted that since China had sought and that the Real Madrid yes he accepted at that time, but that he was not going to go to the asian continent.

“There was also an offer from Italy, but I’m not convinced because I felt that it was not good. In his time my representative Jorge Mendes said that the Real Madrid had called, they had a proposal for China; I said to China I don’t go more than them (Real Madrid) want. I was not prepared to go to China because I feel that I can give a lot more football in Europe”, he mentioned.

Finally, left the details of his future, claiming it would go to another computer on which yes it could take minutes: “in the future do not know what will happen, but if I had a choice I would choose a club where I could show my capabilities and my conditions”.



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