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James Rodriguez in Real Madrid: Zidane is come by a thing of the past, according to the TIno | Colombians in the Exterior


Real Madrid has played two matches since they resumed LaLiga in Spain, but until this moment James Rodriguez has not played even a single minute.

The hypothesis of why the colombian has not played many, however, Zidane just pointing out that what you have between your opcionados and at some point you will get your chance to play.

In the program Blog Sports, Blu Radio, Faustino Asprilla gave his opinion and a hypothesis for the substitution of the colombian.

“Zinedine is not going to drop never to James, so you can make eleven changes, not going to be placed. They have a problem because of the football and that’s why James is paying for something he did to his coach,” said Tino.

With your experience, Asprlla said that the first thing is to wait for the players to have pace of competition, because the pause is forcing them to have a new preparation.

“As the championship just started, I think we should leave that to the players grasp of rhythm, remember that it comes from three months and what one seeks is to consolidate the team owner and let him hold on to the pace of the game. Because of account that ripped off a pre-season, then let them play and well, if you are injured someone, you will have your way of making changes,” he explained.

However, for the condition of substitute, it is unlikely that he and the others who are not owners may be for those who are inicialistas not going to give up her job.

“The holders are the holders, in the championship missing eight dates, then he can’t think out there because you have to think the team owner and are nine games. If a football player is not to play Sunday, Wednesday, Sunday, nine match, then that is dedicated to another thing, what are you gonna do. Because if they are injured, then… But after four months you think that I’m going to stop, I’m going to say: professor, nothing more Sunday and Wednesday and put in another… No, that does not exist,” he said.

Under the gaze of the Vat it is unlikely that James is the holder at Real Madrid soon, but this, too, would have to see something beyond football.




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