Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift (32) is not afraid to sing about past romantic relationships. Although she has rarely revealed the men behind the songs, the fans have put together 1 + 1 and still claim to know who the artist is singing about.

This also applies to the artist’s album “Red”, which she released again this autumn – in a completely new costume. The album contains, among other things, a ten-minute version of the song “All to well”, which fans have been skeptical about for a decade about Swift’s ex-girlfriend Jake Gyllenhaal (41).

The couple dated for three months, but broke up at the end of 2011. The album was released the following year.

That the actor is the inspiration behind it has never been confirmed by Swift himself. She has, however, stated to Rolling Stone that it is the “only real album about love grief” she has made.

Gyllenhaal has previously refused to answer questions about Swift’s songs. Now, however, it may seem that he is finally saying something. At least in a cryptic way.

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The fans go crazy

Wednesday shared W Magazine a photo of Gyllenhaal on Instagram. In the picture, the actor is posing in a red shirt, and on his head are a pair of red heart glasses placed.

To ordinary people, it looks like an ordinary picture. But those who are extra big fans of Gyllenhaal, know that he is not dressed as usual. If you are also a fan of Taylor Swift, you may recognize the heart glasses.

They are almost identical to the glasses the artist himself wears in the music video for the song “22”, which is part of the mentioned album.

“Not the glasses Taylor wore in the” 22 “video,” one commented ironically under the photo on Instagram, followed by a crying emoji.

“We see what you did there,” another commented.

“I’m laughing to death,” a third wrote.

“Swift fans are about to take you,” writes a fourth.

The picture has also gone like a plague on Twitter.

Dater model

Gyllenhaal has not commented on the context of the picture. It is admittedly one of several, but it is especially this one image that attracts attention. The pictures are also used in an interview with W Magazine, where the actor talks about everything but Taylor Swift.

He himself is dating today the French model Jeanne Cadieu (25). Swift, for her part, has been in a relationship with Joe Alwyn, 30, for several years. They are said to have met in 2016, but have kept the relationship very private since.

At the end of 2020, it started to go rumors that the couple had married, when Swift in a music video was dressed in what looked like a wedding dress. At the time of writing, just over a year later, neither an engagement nor a wedding has been announced.

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