Ivan Geshev and EU prosecutors discuss the future of special justice, Boyko Rashkov is also invited

GChief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev will open a conference on “Judicial Reform. Specialized justice.

It will be on Thursday in house 2 of the Boyana residence. Welcoming remarks will be made by Adrian Lazara, Chairman of the Committee on Legal Affairs of the European Parliament, Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust, Dolores Delgado, Attorney General of Spain, Lubomir Joveski, Attorney General of the Republic of Macedonia, Gianluigi Pratola, Deputy Attorney General of the Court of Cassation of Italy, Khan Moraal – Secretary General of the International Association of Prosecutors.

Invitations to participate have been sent to the heads of the parliamentary parties, to the Ministers of Interior Boyko Rashkov

and Ivan Demerdzhiev of justice. The Minister of Justice would go.

The forum will be attended by members of the SJC, representatives of the special prosecutor’s office and the special court, magistrates.

During the conference there will be presentations on topics: “Reform perspectives for specialized justice”, “Evolution of the constitutional system of the judiciary in the period after 1991”, “Independence of the prosecution in the context of judicial reform”.


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