Itzo Hazarta was fined – instead of going to the National Assembly, he went to a “parliamentary control” in a nightclub

Hristo Petrov

In less than a month, deputies have 14 unexcused. Vladislav Panev escaped the day he took the selfie with Peevski

Hristo Petrov, better known as Itzo Hazarta, has two unexcused absences in his first month as an MP from “We Continue Change”. He forgot to go to work on December 16 and 17, according to a report on the website of the National Assembly. He is fined for withholding his daily wage.

Exactly on December 17, Hazarta had a concert in the Burgas club Fabric. On the Internet, the new MP’s statement was advertised as “Black Party – Parliamentary Control”.

“He succeeded and we already have a man in parliament !? Itzo Hazarta is coming for his first parliamentary control in Fabric Club Burgas, since he was elected MP “, the organizers write.

In less than a month since the start of the 47th National Assembly (on December 3rd), deputies have already had 14 unexcused absences. Most people run away from work on December 9.

Apart from the Gambling from the group “We continue to change”, there are others who were absent from the plenary hall without presenting an apology note from the leadership. One of them is the leader of one of the parties holding the mandate of the PP – Middle European Class, Konstantin Bachiiski, who is an MP from Burgas. As well as Snezhana Apostolova, Iskren Arabadjiev, Yordan Madzhunkov and others. Former Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva and Alexander Nenkov have been excused from GERB without justification.

Vladislav Panev from Democratic Bulgaria has two unexcused. Interestingly, one is for December 9 – the day when the co-chair of the Green Movement took a selfie on Facebook with Delyan Peevski. This caused a storm among the right, followed by an apology and resignation as deputy head of the PG of the DB. But Panev did not show up the next day at work.


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