It’s hilarious that Jokowi is poked by Coldplay on Twitter, what’s wrong?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia British band, Coldplay, surprised fans in Indonesia. Just now, the official Coldplay account on Twitter mentioned the name of the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi). Hey, what’s wrong?

Apparently, Coldplay wanted to invite the number 1 person in Indonesia to join and form a coalition with the Ban Ki-moon Center which is a quasi-international organization based in Vienna, Austria. This organization focuses on global issues.

As the name suggests, this organization was indeed founded by Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations for the period 2007-2016 and Heinz Fischer, President of Austria from 2004-2016.

In this tweet, Coldplay invites Jokowi to commit to a program to repair environmental damage and to take part in fighting the effects of global climate change through the Global Citizen Live program.

“@jokowi would you like to join @bankimooncentre and the coalition of Indonesian climate supporters on #GlobalCitizenLive to make a commitment to the planet? Where you lead, others will follow,” Coldplay wrote on its Twitter account, Saturday (18/9/2021).

Related to this, netizens from Indonesia were busy commenting, even poking fun at Jokowi’s account. Many of them support and hope that Jokowi will respond to Coldplay’s invitation.

“Come on, sir, listen to them, please, this is for all of us, later on, you and your envoys will also benefit, right? Your money will continue to flow, while the people are grateful that the earth is healthy and not hot like hell @jokowi,” wrote the account @fierfliesve .

“Thank you for speak up! I hope he will look up your post ????,” tulis akun @vcutprince_.

“Good luck Coldplay we’ve been protesting for decades ????????,” tulis akun @vkrminhope.

“Come on, Mr. @jokowi, hurry up and get a notice. Don’t forget to invite them to come to Indonesia. Don’t forget if they come to Indonesia, give them a bicycle too. It’s a shame that the bike they used when filming the AHFOD video clip is already broken, it’s been since 2016. ????,” wrote the account @rafnsalss.

“I support this action, Mr. President, Save the BORNEO FOREST, Mr. President, back to making INDONESIA LUNGS the world as it used to be,, @jokowi @coldplay,” wrote the account @syamalapurna

“Trendingkeun guys..!!! this TT must be worldwide so that the government notices. Brothers @coldplay, we don’t want to have concerts here if environmental issues are still not resolved. Put your finger power on Coldplayer Indonesia..!! #IndonesiaWantsColdplay #GlobalCitizenLive,” wrote the account. @twins_ermayn.

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