It’s been hidden, aliens monitor Earth from here!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Aliens are suspected of monitoring Earth’s life from a number of planets out there. Not even just one planet, there are 29 planets that are suspected of monitoring humans.

This is based on the findings of the report of two astronomers United States (US). This assumption stems from the existence of a faint shadow when the planet passes in front of the sun.

This method was also used to find out the existence of other life in outer space. “One of the ways we find planets is if they block some of the light from their parent star,” said Lisa Kaltenegger, director of the Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University.

According to him, some star systems find Earth as a transit planet. “We asked, ‘Who are we aliens for, if someone else is looking?’ Well there is a small sliver in the sky where other star systems have a cosmic front seat to finding Earth as a transiting planet,” he explained.

Initially, there were 1,715 solar system planets listed on the list. Then the researchers reduced the number to 46 star systems and finally narrowed them down to the star system closest to Earth and able to listen to radio and TV broadcasts.

The use of nearby stars is something of interest, American Museum of National History senior scientist Jackie Faherty told NPR News. “We want to use the nearest star. When it comes to exploring the world, the closest to us will be the most interesting,” he said.

Reportedly aliens on the planet Ross 128B have found Earth. Stars B and C Teegarden are said to be finding Earth in 29 years.

However, many do not like the search for these aliens. Theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking and other thinkers forbid humans from making contact with aliens.

They think it’s possible that aliens don’t like hearing from humans. In addition, there is a possibility that the aliens have remained silent because they have avoided the threat to their lives.

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