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Italy: So you are living the solitary thousand people confined in Adeje | Radio Club Tenerife


Vehicles with food, services, laptops and medications. Is all the traffic that occurs in the Hotel H10 Costa Adeje Palace, in which remain confined to a few thousand people after a couple of Italian origin tested positive in the virus of Wuhan during your stay in the south of Tenerife.

Have also gone through the police cordon, which has been expanded to include a commercial center adjacent, the families of the nearly 200 workers who remain isolated in areas of labor rest. “They are all good, quiet and waiting” it is what we have insured some of them following the deposit, without maintaining any contact with their relatives, the bags with clothes and personal belongings you carry with you.

Continue testing

Currently, the safety distance is fixed at about four meters, according to the president of the Business Committee, Ruth Jimenez. “They are perfectly, we’re following the security protocol, and we are in good hands”, he insisted.

Tourists are confined in the hotel H10 Costa Adeje Palace in La Caleta.

In addition to the constant police presence, they have also come to this hotel physicians throughout the afternoon and even a supervisor of the Hospital in the South, which has ensured that continue doing tests to all clients to the couple that they delivery drugs to those who require it.

Until the area we have been approached by numerous residents moved by curiosity or by the need to enter their houses. It is the case of Lourdes, a resident of 79 years who have needed to transfer the cord to get to your home and feed your pets. “The situation is horrible”, has pointed out, referring to the deployment carried out.

The virus is far beyond normal, according to experts

The director-general of Epidemiology of the Canary islands Health Service, Sunday, Nuñez, it has been reported that once they had the positive of the Italian tourist, the first measure which was adopted, agreed with the Ministry of Health and with the Coordination Center Alerts and Health Emergencies, was the containment of the infection with the establishment of a quarantine initial in the hotel.

He explained that during the day, it has valued customers of the hotel and samples have been collected 37 people to know the level of spread of the virus within the enclosure and has said that, in function of the results, will be “adapting and adopting” appropriate measures.

Nuñez argues that the clients of the hotel must remain within the establishment for a maximum period of 14 days “although it will depend on what we go looking for”. Has explained that the clients who are asymptomatic may move around within the site with measures determined as the use of masks.

In case you have any symptoms they will isolate them within their rooms and if you gave positive, activate the protocol for the transfer and isolation hospital. Nunez has said that in the case of tourists from the island will be valued which can make the home isolation.

In terms of the workers, the responsible of Public Health has explained that samples have been taken to some of them and others will be a follow-up home but he remembered that for your state of health, the patient Italian made rare movement within the hotel.

Nunez has said that the spread occurred in Italy, although he has commented that the patient, doctor by profession, has no reference of having been in contact with any sick person by what they don’t know the focus of infection.

The expert has indicated that the coronavirus Wuhan, except in cases with pathologies secondary or factors riesgor, is enrolled in a mild form and it exceeds normal.


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