News Italy exceeds 8000 dead, situation in Spain, Germany, USA...

Italy exceeds 8000 dead, situation in Spain, Germany, USA …


CORONAVIRUS CARD. Since the start of the epidemic, nearly 500,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus worldwide according to the latest report. Covid-19 real-time map of the world and update on the situation by country: Italy, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, China, France …

[Mise à jour le 26 mars 2020 à 19h40] More than 500,000 cases of coronavirus have been reported worldwide since the start of the pandemic. To date there have been 22,340 deaths from the disease according to the latest Worldometers figures. This virus, which appeared in China last December, currently affects 182 countries and territories. If China, present for the moment the most contaminations, it is in Italy that we deplore the most deaths linked to Covid-19, with figures of contaminations and deaths which start on the rise this Thursday evening. 662 additional deaths are counted and Italy thus reaches more than 8000 deaths from the coronavirus.

The balance sheet in Spain is also growing, the second second most affected European country. In the United Kingdom and more particularly in London, we have been witnessing for a few days a “tsunami” of seriously ill patients who flock to hospitals. On the other side of the Atlantic, the situation is getting worse very quickly in the United States with 65,434 people tested positive for Covid-19 and 937 dead according to the latest Bloomberg report.

This coronavirus-related health crisis is causing chaos across the globe with sad death records in China, Spain, Italy, France, Iran and all over the world, with significant economic consequences, but also with more a third of humanity has been forced to stay at home since India took the decision to confine its entire population. On the other hand, a historic decision was made on Tuesday, that to postpone the Olympic Games for a year, never seen before. Follow the coronavirus progress map in real time and take stock of the situation country by country.

Coronavirus statistics as of 26/03/2020 in the evening

CountryNumber of casesNew casesNumber of deathsNew fatal cases
S. Korea9.241+104131+5

With more than 56,000 people infected and 4,000 deaths, Spain is to date the second most affected country in Europe after Italy. Globally, it is the fourth most impacted country in the world after China, Italy and the United States. Interviewed by AFP, members of the Spanish medical staff spoke of the “immense loneliness” of the sick and their relatives, the sadness of the carers, and the fear that “the worst” was to come. To help them, the government will buy sanitary equipment from China: 432 million euros to acquire masks, gloves, respirators and tests. Widespread confinement is also used in Spain, citizens are prohibited from going out for a walk, visiting family or friends, going out to play sports, staying with friends in no place, visiting a neighbor and celebrating a anniversary. On the other hand, the Spanish government has closed its land borders in order to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Italy has become in recent days the country most affected by the coronavirus in the world with almost 80,000 cases identified and 4,492 new infected according to the last official report published on Thursday evening March 26, a figure which is therefore on the rise again . If the figures seemed to stabilize for a few days, the anxiety remains: the North fears that the official figures underestimate the real balance sheet, and the South is frightened of an “explosion” of the pandemic.

It is in Bergamo, in the Lombardy region, epicenter of the epidemic, that there are the most cases of coronavirus in the country. Rome, Milan, Venice … All the big cities of Italy were closed one after the other before the installation of a total containment. In Sicily, so far relatively spared, the press has reported nearly 70 cases among residents and staff of a retirement home in the village of Villafrati. As a reminder, the government has decided to put a stop to “all non-essential production activity” to stem the epidemic.

Prince Charles, 71, tested positive for Covid-19 according to information from the royal family on Wednesday, March 25. His entourage is reassuring, he “remains in good health”. The UK has more than 9,000 people infected with the virus and nearly 500 deaths to date. The city of London has a large proportion of Covid-19 patients. On the BBC, an official of the public health service said that hospitals in the British capital are currently facing “an explosion” in the number of “seriously ill patients”, “a kind of continuous tsunami”. British authorities have ordered 3.5 million express kits, capable of determining in about 15 minutes if someone has been infected in the past. This could allow those who are now immune to escape containment.

Faced with the looming catastrophe, the British strategy has further changed and even radically in recent hours with the announcement of the general containment of the population for the next three weeks. After the confinement of the over 70s last week, the United Kingdom had ordered this weekend to close pubs, restaurants, cinemas, gyms and theaters.

The United States has to date more than 69,000 cases of coronavirus according to and the bar of 999 dead has been reached across the country according to the assessment established this Thursday by Reuters on the basis of figures communicated by the local authorities. From California to New York, the whole country is affected by the epidemic. A third of the deaths took place in New York State, the governor of which warned that hospitals could soon run out of beds and respiratory equipment. According to the WHO, the USA could soon take the place of Europe and become the new epicenter of the pandemic. In order to stem the spread of the virus, Donald Trump, who had initially called the flu virus and did not fail to shake hands with his interlocutors, prohibited nationals of twenty-six European countries from traveling to the United States. United as of March 13, 2020. Several local cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC and San Francisco, have closed bars, restaurants and nightclubs for at least 15 days. Since Thursday, March 19 in the evening, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has placed the entire state in containment to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. For his part, Donald Trump has expressed his desire to “reopen” the economy for Easter, in just over two weeks.

As the number of cases increases in Europe, the number of new people infected with the coronavirus hardly increases any more in China after two months of confinement. China has not identified any new cases of local coronavirus origin for several days. The number of deaths in recent days has also dropped, only four have been counted in the past 24 hours by the Ministry of Health. The number of patients cured of the virus is 74,177. The coronavirus has infected a little more than 81,700 people in China and has killed 3,291 in just over two months. In Wuhan, the authorities are gradually easing the containment of residents after two full months of blockade. The city’s quarantine of 11 million inhabitants will not be lifted until April 8. But the Chinese government announced Tuesday that travel restrictions will be lifted under certain conditions from Wednesday, March 25 for all of Hubei, except for its capital. Trains and coaches were taken by storm, traffic jams noted on the roads, said AFP.

The situation in Germany continues to worsen day by day. The country has more than 39,000 people infected with coronavirus but “only” 222 dead according to the latest assessment. A higher number of cases than in France, but much fewer deaths. 3,547 people are cured of the disease. This Sunday, Angela Merkel quarantined herself after being in contact with a doctor who tested positive. The results of the tests carried out indicate that the Chancellor is not contaminated. Since the beginning of the week, it has taken steps to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus and has decided to close the border with France, Switzerland and Austria. Sunday March 22, public gatherings of more than two people outside of work are now prohibited.

According to the latest assessment, nearly 3000 cases of coronavirus have been detected in Portugal. Only 43 deaths linked to the virus have been reported to date. Since Friday, March 13, the country is on alert, Prime Minister Antonio Costa has announced the closure of schools and the limitation of the activity of bars, restaurants, nightclubs or shopping centers.

Belgium announced that it will introduce new measures on Friday. The country is in containment since Wednesday March 18 at noon, until April 5 inclusive. The borders were closed last Friday for any “non essential” movement, the freight and the return of Belgian nationals being always possible. Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès detailed these various measures (outings, shops, schools …) during a press conference followed by a speech by the Minister of the Interior Pieter De Crem. The country reports nearly 6,035 detected cases and 220 deaths.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday March 24, 2020 ordered a total containment of the country for three weeks. : “From midnight today, the whole country will enter confinement. To save India, to save each citizen, you, your family”. To date, India has nearly 700 cases of coronavirus. All over the country, planes are nailed to the tarmac, trains are no longer running and the various regions have sealed their borders to prevent the spread of the virus due to population displacement. In the various normally very busy districts of Bombay, practically all the shops are closed. For these essential businesses that are still open, customers can only enter by one or two to respect social distancing.

Greece currently has 821 cases of coronavirus and 23 deaths. The government has taken steps to continue to limit the spread of the virus. On Sunday March 22, the government decided to impose general containment on its population as of Monday March 23 to stem the epidemic. “I have given orders that all appropriate action be taken to enforce the ban on unnecessary movement across the country,” said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

In Algeria, the latest assessment of the coronavirus reports 302 cases and 21 deaths. Algeria has closed gathering places such as party halls in recent days. Demonstrations were also banned and all international air and sea links suspended. On Thursday March 19, authorities announced new measures, including the closure of cafes and restaurants in major cities from March 22. Containment is also envisaged.

Morocco, still very little affected, has 225 cases of coronavirus, a virus that killed 6 people. The government took swift action to prevent the spread of the epidemic on its territory. We can cite the suspension of air links with Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal. All public gatherings of more than 50 people have also been banned. The 19th edition of the Moroccan festival “Mawazine Rhythms of the World”, scheduled from June 19 to 27, is canceled.


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