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Italy : a man and his son attacked by a bear on a mountain trail


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Two walkers were attacked by a bear, on Monday evening, on a trail in the Dolomites in Italy. The father and the son were injured.

Attacked by a bear ! This is the incredible true story by a father and son in the mountains of the Dolomites, in northern Italy, on Monday evening. The two men were injured, but their days are not in danger.

The 59 year old man and his son 28-year-old, Fabio and Christian Misseroni, walked on the trail of the “Monte Peller”. According to their story, the son walked on the path, followed by his father. It would have ended up nose to nose with the bear, and would then fell in fear on the ground, finding herself pinned under the animal. According to their story, the father would have tried to jump on the plantigrade to save his son. The bear would have hit the man, causing a fracture of the leg, tells the journal He Dolomiti. The bear fled. The two Italians were able to reach their car in the direction of the hospital where the alert has been given.

If the son suffers from superficial wounds, the father is suffering from fractures to a leg, wounds deep, but not biting deep. His life, however, is not in danger. The father has been admitted to the hospital of Cles to heal his injuries.

According to our colleagues of He Dolomitithe hypothesis of the study would be a attack of female who would have been able to react well to protect her cubs. Investigations will continue within the day.

Already a child pursued by a bear

It is in this same province of Trento, in may last, thata 10 year old child who walked around in the family had been followed by a bear. The young Alessandro, who is passionate about the bears, had then continued to move slowly while remaining incredibly quiet. His father had filmed the scene with his mobile phone.

On 5 may last, still in that Italian region, a polar bear had been filmed in the process of rappelling off the balcony of a house. It will be identified a little later, after sampling, as the bear M63.

Between 2014 and 2017, four bear attacks have taken place in the region of Thirty, remember La Repubblica. A mushroom picker was found in the face of a bear and her cubs, he had not been seriously injured. A man who was jogging with her dog had suffered deep wounds to the arms, head and torso caused by the paws of the bear. Another young man had been attacked and had been re-sewn with ten stitches. Finally a retired man who was walking with her dog had been bitten on the arm and was thrown into a ravine to escape him.

Dozens of bears in Slovenia

In this area of the Dolomites today live forty to fifty bears. Due to the risk of extinction, so that there were only three bears, the european Union has launched the program Life Ursus in 1999. Ten bears from Slovenia were released, three males and seven females, in order to increase the population of ursine.

A bear called M49 and nicknamed Butterfly has particularly been a problem. This male three-year-old had managed to escape from the center of protection of the wildlife of Casteller last summer while crossing a fence four metres high and by getting rid of his collar radio. He was eventually captured in April 2020 because it approached too often, flocks, or hives without ever having attacked the man. Since then, he lives in an enclosure in the center of protection of the wildlife.

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