It will be easier to carry the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

The leaks suggest the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be slightly lighter than its predecessor.

Samsung is expected to unveil its new foldable mobiles at the earliest in August, the culmination of which will be the Galaxy Z Fold 4. This changes a lot of design, and according to Ice Universe sources, all of this will make the new model feel lighter.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 és Galaxy Z Flip 3Source: digitaltrends

A Galaxy Z Fold 4 concretely It may be lighter than 260 grams, but the exact list of specifications is still a guess. It is said that the capacity of the battery will not change, the coffee of the screen will be slightly smaller and the hinge will be renewed.

Great advances are also expected in the field of cameras. Lightening would be made possible by a plastic frame and hinge, according to some tips, which experts say is unlikely as it would lose its premium character.

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