News It reveals part of the report of the fatal...

It reveals part of the report of the fatal accident of Kobe Bryant | News of The Savior


There is still no final conclusions but already made public a part of the conversation of the pilot of the helicopter.

The pilot the helicopter that killed the exestrella of the NBA Kobe Bryant and eight other people in January he said to the air controller, just before crashing into a hill, which was rising above the fog, according to preliminary reports disseminated this Wednesday.

The pilot Ara Zobayan, also who died in the accidentreported to air traffic control that he was ascending to 4,000 feet shortly before losing communication with the device and it would crash near Calabasas, in Los Angeles county, on the 26th of January.

The legendary exescolta of The los Angeles Lakers, his daughter Stephanie, 13 years old; the pilot and six other people aboard the plane died in the accident.

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The attempts of Zobayan overcome the weather related problems are part of a series of documents of the research, over a 1,700 pages, made public on Wednesday by the National Board of Transportation Safety (NTSB, for its acronym in English).

This agency, which is continuing its investigation of the accident, he stressed that this “public record” cannot be considered as a final report, “or contain analysis, findings, recommendations or determinations of probable cause.”

Last February was held an emotional memorial to say goodbye to Bryant and his daughter. Photo / AFP

“Therefore, you should not draw any conclusions about how or why the accident occurred from the information of the dossier,” said the NTSB.

“The analysis, findings, recommendations, and determinations of probable cause related to the accident will be issued by the NTSB in a final report at a later date,” he said.

Among the documents released Wednesday, is a partial transcript of communications between Zobayan and the air traffic control in the moments prior to the accident. “We climbed to four thousand,” said Zobayan, according to the transcript. “And what will you do when you get to the altitude?”asked a driver, without obtaining a response. From that moment there was heard no further communication from the helicopter.

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In previous reports of the investigation, it was noted that the helicopter came down several hundred meters before the accident. The reason for the trip of the group was to move to the academy of sports of Bryant for a tournament of basketball.

Bryant won five NBA championships with the Lakers during his 20 seasons in the NBA, in which he earned himself a place among the best players of this sport.



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