News "it is not representative of the daily life of...

“it is not representative of the daily life of this district,”


After several days of violence in various districts of Dijon and its metropolis, residents are entrusted to them. If the violence has been unprecedented, it is not systematically their daily lives. Testimonials.

Four days of violence in the district of Grésilles in Dijon and in some areas of the city of Chenôve, four days that some of the residents have lived at more closely.

This inhabitant of the district of Mail entrusted his fear. She moved to Chenôve a few years ago, from the region of Aquitaine. This is the first time that she is facing this.

“By the time I settled on Chenôve one warned me. Me personally, I had never seen such things. People don’t dare to intervene, and anyway it is impotent. I live in front of the mail to Chenôve and young people start at the level of the water jet in the evening. It is a disaster. Some times you may not even have the windows open because the noise they make in the bottom, it is just not possible. “

The people never asked to be, the people should not pay for the stupidity of others. We want to absolutely protect themselves, we do not dare to leave the house, me personally this is my case. It is really very complicated. ”

The fear, it is also the sense that dominates in this inhabitant of the district Grésilles. If she has lived there for 50 years, the recent events have shocked. It finds especially a progressive increase of the violence.

“As soon as there is something that goes up and it is more serious then where is it that we are going to go like that ? When I saw all of those weapons I said to myself : “she come out of where ? These are young people of Grésilles ? The Grésilles are neglected” she concludes.

The district Grésilles in Dijon

The district Grésilles in Dijon

© France 3 Bourgogne

“This is not representative of this district,”

So far, the people interviewed agree that such violence is exceptional. To Grésilles as to Chenôve. Inhabitant of the city center, this Previous was present this weekend’s district Grésilles, on the place Galilee. He has his habits, and in particular to the market.

“I think I was the only inhabitant of the city centre yesterday to go look at what was going on. I can understand, there’s violence and it’s scary but the fear, it is very bad feeling, it prevents dialogue and it prevents the possibility of changing things. “

On the issue of weapons in the neighborhood, several residents interviewed tell us not to be surprised. “It does not surprise me that the neighbourhood kids have weapons. There are 15 million in France, only 2 or 3 million more have permission to port weapon” explains a riparian buffer. On the presence of weapons in the neighbourhood, the resident of the city centre continues :

“These events evoke the reality of the presence of weapons in some neighbourhoods. I wasn’t totally surprised by that but it is not representative of the daily life of this district. In talking with locals who were there and who watched it all [ils] condemning it, they said : “it do anything, they are idiots. They burn the cars of their own neighborhood, that is absurd “.

“When I go Thursday or Saturday morning to pick up my kilo of dates, and fisheries it is quiet, and I have never felt in danger. Even yesterday [NLDR : dimanche 14 juin]I haven’t felt in danger to me. It’s violent and it raises question but I have never felt in danger in the Grésilles even if I don’t live there.

The police intervened during several in the districts of Dijon and its metropolitan area.
The police intervened during several in the districts of Dijon and its metropolitan area.

The police intervened during several in the districts of Dijon and its metropolitan area.

© France 3 Bourgogne

“There are things going on there, there are activities… “

“It is necessary that the inhabitants of Dijon (…) care about a bit of this area here and not just say :” anyway this is the Grésilles like this… “. No, this is an area that is next to the city centre in which there are things that happen, there are activities. It is not necessary to reduce it to what is happening [actuellement]. It is necessary to be interested in it, go there when there are things on the spot… “

A realization that sharing a resident of Chenôve.

“I think it must also say that in Chenôve there is not than what it is currently happening. There are neighborhoods that are quiet, there are neighbourhoods that are liveable and not everything is negative. Chenôve is a city where there are I do not know how many associations, where everyone has his place, everyone can find something but you have to move to find it. “

Testimony collected by Anne Shepherd


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