“It is a unilateral act, of will and conscience” / The doctoral thesis “should not be analyzed by CNATDCU”

The Minister of Defense, Vasile Dîncu, who is also a university professor, declared on Saturday, at Digi24, that he did not discuss with the Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă about the recent accusations of plagiarism in his doctoral thesis.

Dîncu stated, when asked about a possible resignation of Prime Minister Ciucă, that it would be “a unilateral act, of will and conscience”.

Asked if the Prime Minister’s doctoral dissertation should reach the National Council for the Attestation of University Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU) for a relevant verification, Vasile Dîncu, former member of CNATDCU, said that “it should not” he arrives there, that “for the time being the process is a logical and correct one”, but that he will arrive “certainly at CNATDCU”.

He also said that “the Ministry of Education has lost control of the situation of higher education” and that “it is a weakness of the Romanian state that we have not had a quality strategy in terms of higher education” so far.

Vasile Dîncu also specified that “many doctoral schools should be abolished”.

The main statements about the plagiarism allegations against the Prime Minister:

  • “I did not discuss this with the Prime Minister;
  • At this point, just based on a journalistic analysis, I can’t comment;
  • Doctoral rules for awarding doctorates must be changed;
  • I saw that the university that awarded him the doctorate was notified;
  • It should not be analyzed (doctoral thesis) by CNATDCU;
  • At CNATDCU there is a decision by which all the works from the last 10 years must be verified;
  • The paper eventually went through CNATDCU (in the past, when he was awarded the title of doctor – no.);
  • Certainly this can reach CNATDCU as well;
  • For now, this is the process and it is a logical and correct one;
  • There is currently no clear indication in the law that “in the event of a dispute, go to the CNATDCU”;
  • It will certainly reach CNATDCU as well;
  • It is a matter of a hypothesis which I do not wish to rule on at this time;
  • Resignation is a unilateral act, an act of will and conscience;
  • [întrebat dacă președintele PSD și șeful Camerei Deputaților, Marcel Ciolacu, are titlu de doctor – n.r.] Marcel Ciolacu does not have a doctorate. Other weaknesses can be found if we look for them;
  • I know the dynamics since 1990 regarding the Romanian education system, including that of doctorates;
  • The Ministry of Education has taken control of this situation of higher education;
  • It is a weakness of the Romanian state that we did not have a quality strategy in terms of higher education;
  • Many doctoral schools should be abolished;
  • We should have a fair law for that. “

Photo source: Ilona Andrei / G4Media.ro

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