“It is a recognition of both UNIR’s work and online education”



When the European Union Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) set UNIR for a student to be appointed ambassador for the UE Careers program, Adela López, Vice-Rector for Students, interpreted it as a double recognition: one , to the work of the entity; another, to the online educational model developed by UNIR.

“Being, together with the Carlos III University or the University of La Laguna, one of the five selected universities in Spain is a recognition of the serious work and prestige that UNIR is building. A recognition, also, of online education “, says the Vice Chancellor, who positively values ​​the European Union program:” Students discover what opportunities there are in European institutions, who are looking for work, prepared people, something that many of they did not know. This program also represents a recognition of the quality of the Spanish university system “as a builder of competent professional profiles, he argues.

«Sara [la embajadora de UNIR] He is part of a team of 5 people throughout the country that is organizing events with which it is intended to reach all students in Spain who are having the opportunity to get to know an environment that was unknown to them “, explains the Vice Chancellor for Students who believes that the professionals who are now leaving university are «more creative, supportive, more sensitive to caring for the environment and people who are used to teamwork, with a more collaborative style and, above all, very familiar with technology. All this makes them a very valuable profile for what they can contribute ”, he completes.


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