ISIS Attacks Syrian Prisons Make Detainees Run


Prisoners in a Kurdish-run prison in northeastern Syria have fled after the group ISIS attacked the prison they were in. The group released their fellow members held in the prison.

The incident occurred on Thursday (20/1) yesterday. According to the Syrian war monitoring group, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a car bomb hit the entrance to Ghwayran prison, and a second explosion occurred in the vicinity before Islamic State militants attacked Kurdish security forces guarding the facility.

“A number of prisoners managed to escape,” said the Observatory, which relies on an extensive network of sources inside Syria.

It is not stated how many prisoners managed to escape.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces confirmed the rare attack in a statement, but made no mention of the escaped prisoners.

Ghwayran is one of the largest facilities housing the militants ISIS in a semi-autonomous region controlled by Kurdish authorities in northeastern Syria, Observatory head Rami Abdul Rahman told AFP.

“A new uprising and escape attempt by Daesh terrorists (another name for ISIS) being held in Ghwayran prison in al-Hasaka in connection with a car bomb explosion,” the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said in a statement.

They blamed the attack on “Daesh sleeper cells, which infiltrated the surrounding neighborhood and clashed with the Internal Security Forces.”

The Observatory said the SDF had sent reinforcements to the prison and sealed off the area.

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