Technology Is the RTX 3000 coming in autumn?

Is the RTX 3000 coming in autumn?


03/27/2020 at 11:41 a.m.
from Benjamin Gründken
The hardware world was supposed to be supplied with fresh information at the end of March. The corona virus, however, thwarted Nvidia. Now we hear rumors that we will learn more about the RTX-3000 series in August. The launch of the Ampere GPUs could follow in September.

From March 22nd to 26th, Nvidia wanted to provide important views on future issues. However, due to the rampant corona virus, the on-site event was first converted into an online event and then completely canceled. Instead, Nvidia announced no new products at first announce more. Turing is of course not off the table, but the timely publication is. The question now is whether players can still hear about the RTX-3000 series until summer. The Tweaktown colleagues think that this is not entirely unlikely.

The portal had its own sources that Turing should actually be presented at the GDC in March. For gamers, however, this idea would have been comparatively uninteresting, since it should first be about the Quadro series. The RTX 3000 series would still be a dream of the future, even if one could have reported that it was completed.

Nvidia can now make up for the presentation of the professional graphics cards in June or July. Tweaktown’s optimism is no accident. In addition to its own, unspecified sources, reference is made to a report by Bloomberg, according to which production in China had returned to 70 to 80 percent of its original capacity by the end of the month. This would mean that graphics cards could be produced again in a timely manner.

Turing at Computex?

It is only interesting for gamers from late summer to autumn. Since Nvidia already launched Editor Days in the past, the RTX-3000 series could also be presented at such an event. That should be the case a month before the actual launch, according to the forecast. It would now be conceivable that Nvidia will present the RTX-3000 series at its own event in August and publish it at the end of September as part of the (postponed) Computex 2020.

More on the subject: Nvidia Ampere: rumors of late release and GA102

In late September, a rumor from the beginning of the week would bite. You didn’t see Turing in the form of the RTX-3000 series until the fourth quarter of 2020. The background is said to be AMD’s “Big Navi”, which Nvidia intends to wait and see. In both cases, however, one can only guess how close the rumors are to the facts. Even if there are plans of the same name: The economic consequences of the corona virus are currently difficult to estimate. Further delays cannot be ruled out.

source: Tweaktown

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