News Is the juice as healthy as the fruit?

Is the juice as healthy as the fruit?


The current healthy trend promotes the intake of juices with detoxifying properties. But are they healthier than fruit? Get to know the opinion of the experts and make healthier decisions

In the last years one has been unleashed growing popularity consumption environment natural juices, the current healthy trends propose propose powerful combinations of detox juices made with fruits and vegetables which promise purify the organism, eliminate all kinds of toxins and of course help us lose weight. This boom has caused numerous questions around the Benefits Y contraindications about the appellant juice intake and has lent itself to various comparisons with the benefits that brings the fruit in its way more natural.

What do the specialists say about it?

Various specialists in nutrition and diet match on something important, it will never be comparable drink a fruit juice against eating one piece. The main reason is that when we extract the fruit juice, in the process they break their natural cells and that is precisely where the fiber, the final score is that the liquid will not contain nothing of this fiber

However this is different when we prepare smoothies which includes the piece from full fruitWell, it’s a good way to keep the standards of fiber. During this transformation especially during the sieving process the juice tends to become sugar free, but some of the fiber effect

Now when we consume the piece of whole fruit it has the advantage of managing to maintain natural sugars “Locked up” in the cell cells and these will be released gradually during the digestion. Whole fruit stands out for containing high fiber levels, usually in your shell and also thanks to this they will have less spikes from glucose. The fiber has a important action what makes the fructose of the fruit is gradually released at bloodstream, so that the whole fruit is a good ally for fight diabetes and avoid the hypoglycemia

The fashion of juices have some beneficial effects when these are prepared correctly, it is important emphasize on importance to prepare them with a mixture between vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, vegetables stand out for containing less vitamins and a greater contribution in minerals and starches, this is complemented well with some fruits especially those with a high value in vitamins Y antioxidants

Another important aspect lies in the contribution of vitamins and minerals They provide each one. Consider that to prepare a glass of 200 ml of juice it is necessary to use several pieces of fruit; because of this the juice will contain a greater contribution in certain vitamins, but let’s not forget those that are lost in the Shell and pulp. Of course it is essential that we opt for versions from natural juices, freshly prepared and elaborate with ingredients from Seasonal and organic.

It is clear that the healthier path is in the consumption of the fruit in piece, however juices with mixed vegetables and fruits they represent a good alternative to give it a break to digestion and contribute some valuable nutrients. It is important that we take care of Schedule in which we consume juices trying to be in the mornings and always prepared at home, avoid any industrial version; on the other hand the fruit It is ideal to consume between meals since it helps control low blood glucose



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