is the air insufficiently filtered in TGVs, favoring the spread of the virus?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – A report from the Labor Inspectorate deplores a CO2 concentration in TGV above the recommended limit. SNCF denies it.

THE QUESTION. The deconfinement and the return of good weather helping, they will experience peaks in attendance. 5 million TGV tickets, sold for 39 euros maximum, were put on sale before May 19 to allow SNCF to win back users. The company has also fundamentally reviewed its pricing policy, aiming to double the number of passengers by 2031. The bar wagons of SNCF trains will make their big comeback on June 9. But the highlighting by Mediapart On June 3, the conclusions of a report from the Labor Inspectorate darkened the picture. The air filtration system in TGVs, due to its inadequacy, would be conducive to the spread of Sars-CoV-2.

SNCF firmly denies and maintains to apply “rigorously all the instructions of the health authorities“. How well are TGVs really, like Mediapart suggests, potential “clusters ambulants» ?

CHECKS. What does the report of the Labor Inspectorate reproach SNCF for? According to his conclusions,

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