Is it true that allergies can be cured, this is an expert explanation

Experts say cow’s milk allergy can be reduced by consuming probiotics and soy

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Many people believe that allergy It can go away on its own with age. What do you think about experts? Prof. Dr. Budi Setiabudiawan, dr, SpA(K), MKes, pediatrician, consultant allergy immunology and professor at Padjadjaran University, said that children who have allergies, especially cow’s milk, will experience remission or reduced clinical signs of a disease.

In the first year or one year old, children’s allergies to cow’s milk are reduced by 45 percent to 55 percent. Entering the second year, reduced again by as much as 60 percent to 75 percent of allergies.

“In the third year he reached 90 percent, he was no longer allergic and in the fifth year almost 100 percent of the children who were previously allergic to cow’s milk, were not allergic anymore,” said Prof. (26/6).

Meanwhile, for children who suffer from cow’s milk allergy, Prof. Budi suggested to be given a special formula for amino acids or extensive hydrolyzed milk. Budi.

According to Prof. Budi, today’s soy formula is not just ordinary soy milk. Many soy milk, especially for children, has added vitamins, minerals and protein.

“So based on the results of the study, compared to children with breast milk, cow’s formula milk and soy milk, it turns out that their developmental growth is not much different, even the same, so mothers don’t need to worry,” said Prof. Budi.

Prof. Budi continued, the World Allergy Organization (WAO) also recommends giving probiotics both for the prevention and treatment of allergies.

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