Health Is an environment that is too sterile unhealthy?

Is an environment that is too sterile unhealthy?


Drinking natural cow’s milk prevents allergies

For a long time, people tried to protect children from nature. Contact with animals and the enjoyment of untreated cow’s milk was considered unhealthy. The opposite is the case, as suggested by a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI). Playing in the cowshed and drinking untreated raw cow’s milk strengthens the children’s immune system; It has been proven that fewer of you suffer from allergies and asthma.

In laboratory and animal model studies, the research team showed that beta-lactoglobulin prevents allergies if it carries its natural ligands, such as plant pigments from green grass. In contrast, the protein behaved like an allergen without its natural ligands.

This is how the key molecule works

“The anti-allergic properties of natural beta-lactoglobulin can be explained by the fact that this protein specifically brings its ligands to the immune defense cells and thus prevents inflammation,” said Roth-Walter. “In addition, the natural ligands prevent IgE antibodies from docking to beta-lactoglobulin protein, which should make milk-allergic children more tolerable.”

Make the farm protective effect usable

With the cow protein beta-lactoglobulin, the study therefore presents a new molecule that, together with its natural ligands, is of interest for the farm’s protective effect against allergies. However, circumstances that can lead to a loss or deficiency of these ligands, for example due to industrial milk processing or poor animal feed quality, can convert the well-tolerated milk protein beta-lactoglobulin into an allergen. “Our study gives hope that the farm allergy protection effect can be made more practical and used to prevent the allergy epidemic,” emphasizes Erika Jensen-Jarolim


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