Health Irish Prime Minister returns to medicine to help his...

Irish Prime Minister returns to medicine to help his country


It has always been said that difficult times create strong men, but strong men create good times, it seems that he thought so Leo Varadkar, the Prime Minister of Ireland, who has left part of his presidential office to return to practice as a doctor and help his country in the midst of the international health crisis by COVID-19. The politician showed his great heart, dedication and commitment for the Irish by helping in the front line after the Health System of his country, appealed to all the health workers who were not working at the moment, after the professional shortage before the avalanche of patients infected by coronavirus.


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Varadkar and fifty thousand more people, are the health inhabitants who have joined to work for the Irish Health. The Prime Minister studied medicine in 2003, in the Trinity College Dublin, practicing for six years as a doctor, but it was in 2013 when Varadkar registered his withdrawal from the official register of doctors, to dedicate himself fully to the political issue. In Ireland, anyone who has had symptoms of COVID-19, first instance You must call the medical assistance numbers, where they will be attended by a health person who will provide the instructions for the next steps to follow; according The Irish Times ’ the Irish Prime Minister could be supporting this activity.

Many might think that there are many years that Varadkar has been out of the world of health, however, it seems that medicine is something that runs through his veins, He is the son of a doctor and a nurse, in addition to the fact that his two sisters and their husbands work in the health sector, and most importantly, Matthew Barret, your partner is also a toilet. The prime minister has been more committed than ever to his country, and despite supporting medical issues, he continues his obligations to the government, as it was revealed that he will only dedicate one shift a week to hospitals. Until now, Ireland has registered 5,709 contagion cases and 210 fatalities for him COVID-19.

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