World Iraq: Base used by US soldiers

Iraq: Base used by US soldiers


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Base used by US soldiers

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After Iranian admission, questions remain open

Following the admission of the Iranian military leadership, the commander of the Revolutionary Guard’s air and space unit assumed full responsibility for the launch on television. Chancellor Merkel also commented on the case in Moscow.

An air force base used by the US military has been attacked in Iraq. Four Iraqi soldiers were injured. In Iran, citizens demonstrated again against the regime. The most important developments in the live ticker.

AEight Katyusha rockets struck Sunday at the Balad Air Force base in Iraq, used by US troops. Four Iraqi soldiers were injured, the military said. It was initially unclear who was behind the attack. The base is around 80 kilometers north of the capital Baghdad.

An Iraqi military official told AFP that 90 percent of U.S. soldiers and Sallyport and Lockheed Martin employees have already been transferred to Taji and Erbil. Currently there are only 15 US soldiers and one aircraft stationed in Balad.

Over the past few weeks, rockets have been launched in Iraq near bases where US troops are stationed. This also affected Balad. The suspicion is mostly directed against Shiite militias that are allied with neighboring Iran. Like Iran, they want to pull US troops out of the country.

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At a vigil outside the Amri Kabir University in Tehran, people commemorate the victims of the plane crash of the Ukrainian plane

Several rockets have recently hit the city center of Baghdad. Some of them landed in or near the government district, which includes the U.S. Embassy. There were no reports of injuries. The situation in Iraq has been very tense since the killing of the Iranian general Kassem Soleimani by a US air raid and a retaliation by Iran against US military bases.

In Iran, despite a strong police presence on Sunday evening, people took to the streets again and protested against the days of misinformation about the shooting down of the Ukrainian passenger plane. Videos were posted online showing protesters shouting slogans against the government and moving through subway stations and sidewalks. Many of them were near Tehran’s Asadi Square after being called for a demonstration there.

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Only small-minded grumblers will point out that the NATO Charter commits to values ​​such as democracy, freedom and the rule of law, says our author Hannes Stein

Previously, riot police and riot police had placed themselves on the square in Vali-e Asr, the University of Tehran and elsewhere. In the Vali-e Asr square, a large black banner with the names of the 176 people killed in the shooting was unveiled.

Most of the victims were Iranians and Canadians of Iranian origin. Hundreds of students gathered at Shahid Beheshti University to commemorate the victims and to protest that the authorities had initially covered up the cause of the crash, the semi-official agency Isna reported. Later they broke up peacefully.



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