News Iranian Health calls on its citizens to stay in...

Iranian Health calls on its citizens to stay in their homes after the spread of Corona virus


Today, Tuesday, the Iranian Ministry of Health called on all citizens to stay in their homes with the spread of Corona virus, revealing that 34 new people were infected with the virus and two deaths, according to what was published by Al-Arabiya in a breaking news. The head of the University of Medical Sciences in Iran, Abbas Nick Roche, announced The results of the analyzes of two dead people in the city of Sawa in the north came positive for Corona disease, bringing the number of deaths due to the new Corona virus in this country to 16, while about 61 were infected, according to the Iranian Ministry of Health.

Abbas Roche said that one of the deaths was an 82-year-old woman, who was suffering from heart, lung and kidney disease, and she died after she was hospitalized a day and her son was visiting the city of Qom (the epicenter of the virus outbreak in Iran), while the second case was a woman from the city of Qom 87 Years old.

The Iranian official added that the reason for the delay in announcing the deceased cases with the disease itself is the time it takes for the analyzes to obtain the confirmed results.

The spread of Corona in Iran is accelerating and extends to student housing in universities. Abdel Majid Khoshnoud, Assistant Student Affairs at Khawaja Naseer Tousi University in Tehran, revealed that a student at this university in Corona was injured, and he is now subject to quarantine, and he stressed the evacuation of all student housing for this university and subject Those in contact with him in his quarantine room.

Commenting on the rapid spread of the disease in his country, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, “Fear should not be raised in the hearts of people and there must be interdependence,” pointing to the presence of beneficiaries who are exploiting this disease in Iran to monopolize gags and sterilization materials, saying, “It is very dangerous to take advantage of This disease is for personal use. “

Iranian health faces accusations of covering up the disease until it is spread in various cities, and Iran remains the second country after China in the danger of the spread of this deadly virus and a possible focus for its spread to neighboring countries in the Persian Gulf, after confirmed cases of infection announced by the Gulf countries that came from Iran.

Previously, the official at the Iranian Ministry of Health, Meno Mahraz, said the virus “may have come from Chinese workers working in Qom and have traveled to China,” without elaborating..

In turn, the assistant head of the Iranian Hajj and Visitation Organization, Muhammad Azad, announced the suspension of religious trips and visiting holy places with Iraq due to fears of the spread of the new Corona virus, according to Fars Agency..

The deadly virus caused panic among the Iranians, and the Iranian authorities sterilized public transport in the capital, Tehran, amid panic among the Iranians from the new Corona.

For its part, the World Health Organization expressed its concern about the spread of the virus inside Iran. Dr. Tedros Adhanum Gebriusos, Director-General of the World Health Organization, said, “We are concerned about the spread of Corona in Iran and South Korea, where 6 special delegates were appointed to advise countries on Corona.“.



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