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iPhone 7 at a low price: What you have to consider with the new Aldi offer


Aldi Nord sells the iPhone 7 from Apple as a refurbished model for just 289 euros. You can choose between the colors gold and black, the internal memory holds 32 gigabytes.

Aldi also advertises “extensive inspection, function test and data deletion processes”, which are designed to ensure that the smartphone works perfectly, even though it is used. In addition, it should only show minimal signs of wear and the devices will come to your home cleaned, disinfected and safely packed. The biggest advantage that Aldi offers you here is the 2-year warranty from Medion. This means that the smartphone is insured for a full 24 months. If something should be wrong with the device, you can exchange it or have it repaired at any time.

The refurbished iPhone 7 is even cheaper at the shipping giant Amazon. You can get it there iPhone 7 with 32 GB for 182 euros, The smartphone is also used here, for possible damage you get a 1-year minimum guarantee on top. If these are not enough for you, you can get away very cheaply with the Amazon Protect Guarantee. The guarantee is then valid for two years and even with the surcharge of 18.99 euros, you pay even less for Amazon for the iPhone 7 than for Aldi.
You can even get the model with 128 gigabytes of storage space cheaper on Amazon than the smaller version that Aldi sells. Then you still pay here 210 euros for the iPhone 7, In addition, with the US giant you not only have the choice between gold and black – here you can choose from all colors. However, prices can fluctuate minimally from color to color.

Please notethat the offer prices on the websites mentioned may change constantly. The price stated on the corresponding website always applies.


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