iPhone 15 Doesn’t Have a SIM Card Slot?

Merdeka.com – Gadgetsnow reports that Apple is likely to create an iPhone that is not equipped with a SIM card slot, the iPhone 15 series. Reportedly, the latest series will be released in 2023.

The report says the iPhone 15 could be the first iPhone model to be released without a physical SIM card slot. This rumor is based on an internal source from the company. However, the truth is still unknown.

According to reports, Apple has been experimenting for a long time not to introduce a SIM card in its devices, one of which is the implementation of eSIM technology.

“An unnamed internal source said that, starting from 2023, the Pro version of the iPhone may not have a physical SIM card slot and only use 2 eSIM slots,” the report said.

Keep in mind, the iPhone and iPad have slowly begun the transition to implementing an eSIM slot on a number of iPhone models, in recent years.

In fact, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are the first iPhone models to have dual eSIM support, allowing users to use two eSIMs.

If Apple is really going to bring an iPhone without a SIM card slot on the iPhone 15, chances are this device won’t be released in all international markets. This makes sense considering that not all countries have adopted eSIM technology on smartphones.

In addition to rumors about an iPhone design without a SIM card slot, there are also rumors about Apple developing a port-less iPhone. If this rumor is true, there is a possibility that Apple will retire the Lightning connector that has been used in iPhones.

Source: Liputan6 / Agustin Setyo Wardani [faz]


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