‘iPad Pro 2022 may not be able to charge wirelessly with MagSafe after all’

The iPad Pro 2022 may not support wireless charging with MagSafe after all. According to previous rumors, Apple wanted to bring the magnetic charging feature to the iPad Pro, but those plans may have been scrapped.

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iPad Pro 2022: wireless charging with MagSafe?

To make wireless charging possible, Apple wanted to equip the iPad Pro with a glass back, just like the iPhone. However, this material causes the iPad Pro to be damaged more quickly, which makes the tech giant doubt the use of such a vulnerable material.

Report this from anonymous sources 9to5Mac. Now the iPad Pro 2021 an aluminum housing, but this makes it much more difficult to make the device compatible with a MagSafe charger.

That’s why Apple prototyped an iPad Pro with a large Apple logo made of glass, which transfers power. Apple also used extra strong magnets in the prototype and the iPad Pro supports faster MagSafe charging speeds than the iPhone 13.

However strong the ‘Ceramic Shield’ is, the glass is still much more fragile than aluminum. In the message of 9to5Mac It’s not clear whether Apple is scrapping plans for MagSafe now, going for the more sensitive glass, or whether it’s thinking of other ways to bring charging technology to the iPad Pro 2022.

Other iPad Pro 2022 innovations

Wireless charging isn’t the only thing that might change with the premium tablet. According to 9to5Mac Apple puts a bigger battery in it. The camera module also improves considerably, which would be just as good as the iPhone 13. Undoubtedly there will also be a new processor; probably the M2 chip.

Furthermore, the news site’s sources say that Apple has made prototypes of iPad models with screens larger than 12.9 inches. So there is a chance that the screen of the largest iPad will grow a bit, although this is still uncertain.

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