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iOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS, Big Sur: Apple with many new features


The idea of iOS 14 was already in the run-up to be safe and since last year, a decoupled Version for the iPad, you can also iPadOS 14. The Highlights presented:

Home Screen: The new App Library to view all of the Apps on the Home screen in a view. So you no longer have to scroll to the other pages of the Home screen, on the contrary, you can hide. The App Library is easy to crawl, and then brings all the Apps to the fore.

Widgets: The Widgets get different sizes and more data. So you can decide which things are important and which are less important. And also cool, the Widgets from the Widget view on the Home screen. A feature called Smart Stack, you can get through the available Widgets scroll and iOS out the right Widget for the right Situation.

Picture-in-Picture: What we know from the Computer that comes on the iPhone. Videos I’m having to watch in a small window, and at the same time you can do other things on the iPhone, such as chatting or surfing the Internet. The Video remains always in view.

Siri: Siri has learned over the last few years, some things still looks the same. Now Siri will be beefed up optically, and not always in full-screen mode, but the discreet Icon. In addition, Siri is smarter. This is also necessary, finally, the wizard works 25 billion requests per day. Siri learns how to audio messages, and not have to resort to voice recognition, Cloud services.

Translate: Apple also donated a Translation for 11 languages, including German.

News: An Update for the news App should not be missing in the last year, 40 percent more messages should be sent. The most important conversations you can now pin, also, there are new animations and new gizmos for Memojis (fist Bump or hugs). In addition, Apple groups pierced-Chats, and allows for targeted responses. Practical: You can mute Chat and notify me only when you are spoken to directly.

Apple Maps: Apple’s map service will continue to be refined, unfortunately, Germany is not mentioned for the last Updates are already in the United States. It is easier to find especially beautiful places. Apple works together with Guides, the Input supply. Cyclists get their own Navi info given, including notes on steep inclines and obstacles such as stairs. Another mode will cause electric cars to the appropriate charging stations.

CarPlay: The iPhone comes with CarPlay already longer in the car. With iOS 14, there are new Wallpaper options and new features to the Parking and around charging stations. In addition, the iPhone to walk-in as they suspected, the car keys, beer. Was shown a BMW that can be unlocked by the iPhone and launched. Apple tried to stress that this also has the advantages of safety. Keys are stored in the Secure enclave on the iPhone, and can thus be quite easy to share. A Standard should allow that soon more cars will be able to use the iPhone.

AppStore: 12 years ago, the App madness went in the Store and that there are so many Apps, it can be quite confusing. To resolve Apple now. App Clips are Mini-Apps; they can be found by Safari, Maps, NFC, QR-Codes or messages.

iPadOS 14 to be enhanced, particularly through Apps that are made primarily for iPad. Also, there is the above-mentioned Widget options, an improved search and a redesigned music App. Friends of the Apple-Pencils can leave by Scribble hand-written notes automatically convert to Text.


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