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The accountant’s investigation into the mega-order mouth caps from Sywert van Lienden will not be ready before the summer recess. This is what responsible minister Conny Helder for Long-term Care (VVD) has just reported to the House of Representatives. Deloitte again needs more time.

It is the umpteenth postponement of the investigation into the mouth cap affair. Last year, the cabinet announced a major independent investigation into the mega deal that made Van Lienden a multimillionaire in one fell swoop. But time and again, the responsible minister has to report that Deloitte needs more time to sort out the facts.

After fierce criticism last month in the Parliamentary debate in which former Health Minister Hugo de Jonge survived a vote of no confidence Helder promised again that the conclusions could be shared before the summer. The recess starts July 8 and lasts until September 5.

But ‘unfortunately’ that will not work, Helder reports this evening in a short letter to the House of Representatives. An ‘involved party’ is entitled to a longer period of ‘reconsideration’. A spokesperson cannot say whether it concerns Van Lienden’s organization that is given more time to respond to Deloitte’s initial findings, or whether it concerns a person involved on the side of the ministry. “It’s not up to us,” the spokesperson said.

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First bare facts

In order to be able to share more information quickly, Helder is already considering sharing the first bare facts with the House of Representatives shortly after the start of the summer recess, only to prepare a cabinet response about that factual statement later.

Earlier, the researchers at Deloitte emphasized that the research is a mega job. More than five million files have now been found to be potentially relevant for the research.

Black Pete

Van Lienden writes on Twitter that he was asked to waive the previously agreed deadlines for adversarial hearing because the draft report had been delayed. According to Van Lienden, this is not expected until mid-June, because according to him the Ministry of Health transferred data late. Interviews are also said to have been held this week.

He calls it ‘sad’ that his organization is now getting ‘black’. He has also addressed the ministry about this, he writes. He finds it ‘not fair’ to limit the rebuttal compared to agreements made earlier.


Van Lienden and his companions earned millions by selling face masks to the government. He said he was doing this on a non-profit basis, but the deal turned out to be through a commercial company of Van Lienden. The Public Prosecution Service is investigating and has now seized more than 11.5 million euros. Web store Coolblue and broadcaster Randstad have filed a report. They cooperate selflessly, because they had been told that it was a non-profit initiative from Van Lienden.

The Public Prosecution Service is conducting a criminal investigation into the mouth mask deal, Van Lienden was arrested at the beginning of March, but was released after a few days. He is still a suspect in the case.

At the request of the Public Prosecution Service, Van Lienden and his partners were also suspended from the board of the foundation. Last month, the Public Prosecution Service also seized the Dutch bank accounts of the entrepreneurs for more than 11.5 million euros. The suspicion has also been expanded to include embezzlement.

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