InterNazionali – Lautaro scores and purge Sanchez. Vecino, joy and disqualification

The goal of Toro decides Chile-Argnetina. La Celeste wins in Paraguay and the Nerazzurri midfielder receives a heavy yellow

Bittersweet evening for the Inter fans involved in South America for the qualifiers for Qatar 2022. Regenerating victory for Vecino’s Uruguay, who beats Paraguay 1-0 away and definitely relaunches in the standings. Pending the end of matchday 15, Celeste is now in fourth place with 19 points. Deserved success for Alonso’s men, who hit two woods in the first half with Luis Suarez and Godin. Very occasional also for the Inter player (on the pitch the whole match), who from two steps fails to bag after Godin’s post. To decide is the Gunslinger diagonally at the beginning of the recovery. Of note is the yellow received in the 43rd minute by Vecino for a foul on Almiron: he was wary and therefore will return to Milan early.

In Calama, on the other hand, Argentina triumphs. L’albiceleste, already widely qualified, beats Chile 2-1 and depresses the hopes of the Roja, stops at 16 points. Race immediately uncorked at 9 ‘by a great goal Di Maria, who hits with his left-handed from a distance. Equal to 20 ‘by Brereton Diaz who mocked Martinez with a head lob accurate to the millimeter. It sanctions the 2-1 final on its own Lautaro Martinez, able in the 34th minute to reiterate on the net a short rebound by Bravo on a slap from outside De Paul. Ninety minutes on the pitch for Alexis Sanchez, close to 2-2 at 37 ‘with a lash from 20 meters: Il Wonder child (booked in the 79th minute) he played more as a finisher than a striker. the Toroinstead, also due to the defeat of his team, he touched few balls and was substituted in the 78th minute to make way for Julian Alvarez.

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