Intel makes most 3nm chip production orders for TSMC

Expectations are that TSMC will manufacture up to 10,000 wafers at the peak of demand

A Intel made the biggest order of 3nm fabrication gives TSMC, informs the Chinese UDN vehicle. The manufacture of wafers, which will bring the chips next generation Intel, will start in the second quarter of 2022 at Fab 18b, located in Taiwan.

Mass production of chips should start in the middle of 2022, with the expectation of the factory of TSMC reach the capacity of 4,000 wafers in May and 10,000 wafers per month at full capacity. There are cookies/cookies in Taiwan!

Earlier this year there were already rumors that the Intel would seek a large production contract from TSMC for the process of 3nm fabrication. these new chips will be used not only for the new generation of Intel processors, but also for your GPU Intel DG2. The heavy investment in the new generation is part of the company’s quest to equalize the dispute with the AMD

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taking the video card, the other three products manufactured in the 3nm process they are the processors of the server and data center segment.

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It is speculated that production will be split with manufacturing at the company’s own facilities. Intel. There is a rumor that she made a $30 billion bid for the GlobalFoundries, manufacturer of semiconductors, to expand its production. The Santa Clara company wants to rival the Samsung and the own TSMC in the manufacture of chips.

Despite plans to have the TSMC as a competitor, the Intel he has already stated that he would take his production to other factories if he needed to (sinister union/Rivals yes, enemies never). Pat Gelsinger, CEO yes Intel, declared in July that he waits another year or two for the industry to be able to meet all the demand.

Speaking of rivals, the giants asked for Intel will impact your competitor AMD it’s at Apple, main customer of TSMC. A AMD is already experiencing stock problems at chips of 7nm because of the production of TSMC. Damaging your enemy’s supply chain is an old tactic of warfare.

Source: WCCF Tech


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