Intel expands its share of the CPU market

Manufacturer is present on almost 3 of 4 CPUs on Steam, passing AMD

The most recent Steam Hardware Survey shows that the Intel recovered the spaces it had lost to the AMD the last few months we CPUs gives Steam. After reaching 69.86% of PCs using processors Intel in May, now the manufacturer on the blue side returns to 70%.

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A AMD and yours Ryzens reached the peak of 30.13% presence on computers in May, taking advantage of its price and performance evolution advantage for gaming PCs. However, a lack of stock of your processors and promotions in chips from Intel made the manufacturer of the Pentium regain the lost space for the AMD.

Source: Reproduction/Valve

At the beginning of the year, in January, the Intel had 66.51% presence on computers against 33.49% of AMD. Now the first has 71.58% against 28.41% of the rival. That is, the Intel it gained a 5% advantage in the first half, recovering everything in February, losing a few percent in the following months and again stabilizing above 71 percentage points.

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The two companies should present their new processors, as a Intel presenting its 12th generation of processors hybrids it’s at AMD with the supposed Ryzen 6000, a refresh of Ryzen 5000. It will be interesting to see how consumers react to new technologies from manufacturers, who approach the graphics integrated in the CPUs. A Intel with its hybrid technology to combine performance and energy consumption and the AMD updating the graphics of your sunset.

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Source: PC Gamer


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