Insurance policies for each stage of childhood

In Mexico there are different types of insurance policies that support infants and their families in the face of any unexpected health situation or even as a tool for economic support.

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May 11, 2022 5:00 p.m.

There is no better gift than for our children to have a good health, However, we know that this is not always the case and that emergencies happen that worry us and even throw us off balance. economically.

Many people may think that insurance is a matter for adults, the reality is that it is an essential service for all people at any age in their lives, because only in this way can their well-being and that of their entire family be guaranteed. family”, says Iñaki Pérez, CEO at

Therefore, according to the specialized insurance platform, these are some insurances that our little ones need for their growth, development, health and for the care of the family economy:

Life insurance and savings for education

This is probably one of the most popular insurances currently, which can be contracted by the parents of the minor from an early age to make considerable savings to pay for all the university studies of their children and guarantee their future.

For this, parents must set a long-term savings goal and make monthly or annual payments to collect said amount that will be delivered to their children at the time they require it.

However, unlike other savings plans, this one has the benefit that the sum is guaranteed even if the parent who owns the policy dies or is unable to continue making payments due to illness or disability.

for newborns

There are insurers that offer insurance that protects the life and health of our children from the first day of their birth, in such a way that they will be guaranteed the best private medical attention in case they require it due to accidents, illnesses or any type of complication.

According to data from the OMSchildren younger than 28 days they are the most likely to develop diseases or suffer fatal accidents, since it is estimated that an average of 2.4 million newborns die each year worldwide.

Given this, the best alternative is to have a guarantee of access to first-level treatments in neonatology. These insurances for newborns can be contracted separately or be an extension of the major family medical expenses insurance that we already have contracted.

Personal accidents

This is a policy that covers medical, hospital, rehabilitation, transfer, disability and death expenses of the minor due to accidents at home, travel, at school or in the practice of any sport that is covered by the insurer.

This insurance is generally necessary if we consider that our little one may be vulnerable to some risk or any other factor that may be unpredictable.

School insurance: Its purpose is to protect students against the risk of accidents inside or outside their study centers, in some cases it also offers to ensure the payment of student pensions in the event of the death of the parent or guardian.

In this case, since the hiring is done directly by the educational institution, it is recommended that parents ask the school for the policy where the insurance specifications and the amount of coverage are reported.

Major medical expenses

These policies offer access to hospitals, laboratories, clinics and specialist offices of the best level both in Mexico as well as abroad, providing the certainty that the little ones will receive the best pediatric care in the event of any unforeseen health complication or in the event of the development of congenital conditions.

In addition, by having this type of insurance, we can not worry about the high costs of medical care and additional expenses, since it will be our insurance company that will assume most of the expenses.

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